Where in the World 🌎 is our HBCU alumni

Meet Alex, HBCU Alumni from St. Augustine's University(2014) currently living in Bangkok. Listen in on how he’s exploring his new home away from home. Thanks Alex for inspiring other HBCU alumni and students who are thinking about working or studying abroad

Follow his love for reading and life @ba.munro21

We would like to invite you to participate in a project that will answer a few of those possibilities.

We would like to invite other HBCU alumni living abroad who are willing to record a 1 to 3 minute video giving us a sneak peek into your city. Many of us have been stuck in the house for sometime. Send us a video to entice our senses, until we’re able to travel again ✈️.

E.g Walking downtown, biking along a popular Street, visiting a park or attraction etc. These are ONLY a few examples let your imagination go free. Your video will be highlighted on our social media platforms.

Video should include:

1. Your name

2. Location

3. Institution

4. How has the location changed since COVID?

5. Are things slowly getting back to some sense of normalcy?


Avoid shooting into the sun

Make sure to not record on a windy day as we want to be able to hear you!

Email video to: In the email subject line type: “Where in the world”. Include your name, a photo of yourself, institution, and social media handle