Kicknic in Lavender

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Come Kicknic with us!

We’re living our best Lavender life on Sunday, July 25 at 5pm in City Park.

Bring a friend or just come solo wearing shades of lavender hues. Everyone is welcome. Space is limited. Register ASAP. It's one event where you don’t need your passport for entry. It's time to find your tribe and mingle with good vibes. You'll receive additional instructions and location details once registration is complete.

The event is FREE! In exchange, we ask that you donate to a local HBCU or sponsor a passport for a HBCU student seeking to participate in a global education program.

Attire: Shade of LOVendar

Need to bring:

  • Any special set-up you would like to bring (e.g. small table, pillows, table covering)

  • Food and drink.

  • Good vibes.

Picnic gear provided:

Ground covering(1ft) per group

Bottle water



Paper plates