Travel Experiences that Matter

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Each country visit we encourage our travelers to explore their entrepreneur spirit. We connect them with local business to help find ways to contribute and revitalize their local economy .


During HBCU Alumni Abroad:Ghana Experience, travelers had the opportunity to meet with Unique Solution Farms. A small enterprise that produces natural fruit juice known as Unifresh fruit juice and managed by Sanni Mohammed, a young innovative entrepreneur. Travelers had a chance to discuss best business practices and how to get started doing business in Ghana. Sanni started the business in 2015. Unifresh Fruit Juice is a blended fruit from Ghana′s own agriculture farm produce.Only carefully selected and naturally ripen fruits are used in the production of the juice. They currently produce four varieties thus raw pineapple, cocktail, pineapple with ginger and pineapple + prekese + Xylopia + ginger (prekese-ginger- pine) in a 330 ml glass bottle.

The company currently employs 6 people and produces about 240 crates per week.

Unique solution farms also produces Prekese Powder.

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The company is located at Akuffokrom, off the Nsawam - Suhum road in the Eastern Region of Ghana.